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Arms and the Man

Arms and the Man
Directed by Andrea Humez

Performance Dates

Thursday March 22 8:00pm
Friday March 23 8:00pm
Saturday March 24 8:00pm
Sunday March 25 3:00pm
Thursday March 29 8:00pm
Friday March 30 8:00pm
Saturday March 31 8:00pm

About the Play

Theatre@First presents Arms and the Man, by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Andrea Humez.

Arms and the Man is one of George Bernard Shaw's most entertaining comedies. When a soldier fleeing from a battle takes shelter in the bedroom of a young lady of the enemy, the seeds of a romantic farce are sown. As the Petkoff family, their servants, and the soldier himself scramble to keep their secrets and preserve their ideals, they are forced to question their romantic notions about war, love, social class, and themselves. Shaw's delightful characters engage our sympathy even as they invite us to laugh at them, for their greatest crime is to take themselves too seriously—or not seriously enough.


Bluntschli / The Man


Brian Bermack
Sergius ..... Michael Hall
Officer ..... Ari Herbstman
Catherine ..... Charlotte Keys
Louka ..... Nalia McKenzie
Nicola ..... John Olson
Petkoff ..... David Policar
Raina ..... Ellen Soderberg




Jo Guthrie
Director ..... Andrea Humez
Rehearsal Assistant ..... Erin Panttaja
Technical Director ..... Jack Dietz
Stage Manager ..... Erin Panttaja
House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Publicity ..... Ari Herzog
Light Board Operator ..... Jerry Marty
Sound Designer /Board Operator ..... Neil Marsh
Graphic Designer ..... Gilly Rosenthol
Program Designer .... Kevin Cunningham
Costume Designer ..... Elizabeth Ryan
Costume Crew ..... Paulo Ruffino
Wardrobe Mistress ..... Renée Johnson
Musicologist ..... Betsey Solensky