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The Bully Plays


The Bully Plays

The Bully Plays is an anthology written in response to the growing epidemic of bullying and the all-too-often tragic results. The journey is tragic, comedic, dramatic and always thought-provoking as we explore the subject of bullies and bullying.

Director: Jeanné Callinan is excited to engage in her directorial debut with Theatre @ First. She was inspired by her son's own experiences and feels passionately about participating in the international conversations on bullying.

Special Partner: Theatre@First will be sharing our proceeds with Teen Empowerment for both performances of The Bully Plays.



The Somerville Theatre, Davis Square, Somerville, MA


Performance Schedule

Wednesday   October 23   7 pm (note earlier time)
Thursday   October 24   7 pm (note earlier time)


The Bully Plays Ensemble

Shealan Anderson       Andrea Aptecker
Arielle Ascrizzi       Richie DeJesus
Daniel Gonzalez       Joe Gonzalez
Micha Goolsby       Mike Haddad
Jason Hair-Wynn       Alice Hunter
Sonya Joyner       Andy LeBrun
Natasha Mogilevskaya       Nicki Morris
Melissa Nussbaum Freeman       Samantha L.A.H. Preston
Karina Wen        


The Bully Plays

Alex   by   Josť Casas
Blu   by   Gloria Bond Clunie
The Bully Pulpit   by   Dwayne Hartford
Bully There Be   by   Lisa Dillman
Bystander Blues   by   Trish Lindberg
Conundrum   by   Brett Neveu
Downhill   by   Eric Coble
Final Testimony
of Henry Sampson
Y York
Nobody Nose   by   Barry Kornhauser
"Send"   by   Linda Daugherty


The Production Team

Director ..... Jeanné Callinan
Producer ..... Jo Guthrie
Assistant Director ..... John Deschene
Technical Directors ..... Jason Merrill & Lori-Anne Cohen
Set Designers ..... Jeanné Callinan & Jo Guthrie
Lighting Designer ..... Hilary Caplan
Sound Engineer ..... Chris Cebelenski
Rehearsal Assistant ..... Annika Blake-Howard
Props Manager ..... Shazza Gilbert
Costumes ..... Amanda Dausman
Make-Up/Hair Designer ..... Zeph Stewart
Graphic Designer ..... Gilly Rosenthol
Publicity Director ..... Noe Kamelamela
Program Layout ..... Sara Bamber
Photography ..... Lise Brodzik