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Cage of Light

A Sci-Fi Staged Reading



ONE NIGHT ONLY! Saturday, January 28 at 8pm (followed by a talkback with the cast and director)

Cage of Light will be presented at Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Free with Suggested Donation - General Admission - No reservations required


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BONUS SNEAK PREVIEW! People attending the Boston sci-fi convention ARISIA can catch a sneak preview of Cage of Light on Sunday, January 15th at 2:30pm in Ballroom CD at the Westin Waterfront Hotel. Visit for details.

About the Show

Written by Bill Gray

Adapted for the Stage & Directed by Neil Marsh

The year is 2116 and humanity has yet to make contact with another intelligent species. Exploration Commander John Allen wants to change that, but after returning from his first mission with no memory, he is forced to recall events through interrogation by an electronic Jury. Travel into Commander Allen's mind and discover what took place on the planet Nochus. Did he find intelligent aliens? Did they survive the encounter? What happened to make him lose his memory? This eerie and thought-provoking tale will leave you questioning your own senses.

Cage of Light is a staged reading based on a play written by Canadian radio producer Bill Gray for the 1980s CBC series Vanishing Point. It has been adapted for the stage by Theatre@First sound designer and former Post-Meridian Radio Players artistic director Neil Marsh.



Commander Allen .... Andy Hicks
The Nochian .... Kara Hurvitz
Commodore Innes .... Mike Haddad
Carla Reid-Smith .... Jenn Giorno
Ensign Wright .... Mary Parker
The Narrator .... Tegan Kehoe


Additional Information

About the Director

After twelve years of doing sound design, Neil Marsh is finally directing his first show with Theatre@First. Will wonders never cease?

When he's not thinking about theater—wait, who are we kidding, he's always thinking about theater!—Neil is a lifelong fan of radio drama. He co-founded T@F's sister organization, The Post-Meridian Radio Players, and served as its Artistic Director for eight years. During that time he created PMRP's Parsec Award-winning audiodrama miniseries, The Mask of Inanna. Neil is also known for his portrayal of the recurring character Porec in the Blue Sky Red podcast Second Shift.

His next project is a new series of audio shorts entitled Tales from Eternity Cove.


About the Playwright

Before his success as an international award-winning movie and TV producer, Bill Gray worked as a radio producer during the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama "renaissance" of the early 1980s. From the Calgary studios, he wrote and produced episodes of CBC's acclaimed horror anthology Nightfall and later, in Vancouver, wrote host copy for that show's third season, as well as writing this episode for the sci-fi anthology Vanishing Point. Bill's other work includes the television pilot 49th & Main, which he co-produced with former CBC Radio producer and infamous "Smoking Man", William B. Davis. These days Bill can be seen on the Vancouver coffeehouse open-mike circuit performing his own, original songs.



Producer ..... Vickie Wu
Director ..... Neil Marsh
Stage Manager ..... TBA
Original Soundscape ..... Neil Marsh
Theme Music ..... Michael Veloso
Graphic Designer ..... Gilly Rosenthol