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Impromptu: Improv as the Actor's Toolbox

Impromptu: Improv as the Actor's Toolbox

Classes: Wednesdays, March 24 - May 5, 7pm - 9pm
Performance: Thursday, May 6 at 8pm
Location: Unity Church, 6 William Street at College Ave in Somerville

Session Leaders: Melanie Arzt and Matt Kimmel

Cast, a.k.a. Cat Soup
Stephanie Clarkson     David Policar
Martin Comack     Gilly Rosenthol
Shaunna Francis     Lisë Stern
Lev Mahklis     Stephen Turner
Euridice Oware        

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Class Description

Do you think improv is just about making up jokes while an audience stares and crickets chirp?
...that warm-up games are just an excuse to hold hands and sing Kumbaya for no good reason?
...that you just aren't funny enough to be as good as those guys on Whose Line is it Anyway?

If so, it's time to pull back the curtain on these improvisation myths. Welcome to "Improv Mythbusters!"

In this class for folks at all levels of theatrical experience, you'll learn how improv can make you a better actor, a better director, a better stage crew member, and a better human being.

We'll give you the tools to "try on" new characters, take risks on stage, strengthen your acting ability, and kick your theatrical career up to the next level. Improv is really about cooperation, trust, creativity, and internalizing the power of "yes." And no, we're not selling self-help remedies. Just a chance to change it up, put on a new perspective, and learn how to play all over again -- all while putting together a toolbox of techniques you can apply to scripted theater.

It'll be a learning experience for all of us, as you'll quickly learn how much you can gain from really listening and watching one another.

Our class will be broken down into six sessions where we'll introduce improv techniques and games that focus on the following themes:

Once you complete the six-week course, you'll be ready to put on an improv performance of your own, akin to short-form style of Whose Line. Please note class time includes an extra week for rehearsal and performance.

All Impromptu sessions are free of charge. This session is limited to 10 participants.

Both graduates of ImprovBoston's intensive training program, Melanie Arzt and Matt Kimmel have performed improv and scripted theatre throughout New England over the past fifteen years.