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First performed in 411 BCE, Lysistrata tells the age-old story of the battle between the sexes and reveals that startlingly little has changed in the last 2400 years or so. The women of Greece have grown tired of their men always being at war. Under the direction of an Athenian woman named Lysistrata, they execute a plan to secure a lasting peace. Lysistrata proposes that all the women need to do is withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers until they promise to stop the wars. The men will thus be driven mad with lust and have no choice but to declare peace. Lysistrata's fight is not an easy one, however, as she must deal with the misogynistic views of her male peers, some cantankerous members of the older generation, and even the uncontrollable libido of her fellow protesters. This production will be set in the present day with characters in modern dress.



Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville, MA



Download the Lysistrata program


Performance Schedule

Thursday   March 14   8 pm (Pay What You Want night)
Friday   March 15   8 pm
Saturday   March 16   2 pm (matinee)
Thursday   March 21   8 pm
Friday   March 22   8 pm
Saturday   March 23   2 pm (matinee)



Lysistrata ..... Leslie Drescher
Stratyllis ..... Jenny Gutbezahl
Strymodorus ..... Lou Fuoco
Magistrate ..... Brian Edgar
Myrrhiné ..... Kria Sakakeeny
Cinesias ..... Jared Hite
Caloincé ..... Andrea Aptecker
Lampito ..... Brigid Battell
Nicodicé ..... Lori-Anne Cohen
Calycé ..... Hallyan Gifford
Ismenia ..... Liz Adams
Philurgus ..... Daniel Dolinov
Phaedrias ..... Andy Lebrun
Laches ..... Doug Miller
Athenian Negotiator ..... Michael Glicksman
Laconian Envoy ..... Jason Merrill
Herald ..... Dan McConvey
Corinthian Woman ..... Sara Burd
Boeotian Woman ..... Lisa Sturgeon
Anagyran Woman ..... Sarah Josselyn


Production Team

Director ..... John Deschene
Producer / House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Technical Director ..... Pat Hayes
Choreographer ..... Alex Nemiroski
Stage Manager ..... Maren Reisch
Set Designer ..... Jo Guthrie
Lighting Designer ..... Hilary Caplan
Lighting Board Op ..... Shelley MacAskill
Sound Designer ..... Nellie Farrington
Props Coordinator ..... Cat Bryant
Costume Designer ..... Elizabeth Ryan
Costume Assistant ..... Sharon Neely
Make-Up/Hair Designer ..... Zeph Stewart
Make-Up/Hair Assistant ..... Jacqueline Bennett
Run Crew ..... Chris Junno
    Meg Dolben
Graphic Designer ..... Gilly Rosenthol
Publicity Manager ..... Lori-Anne Cohen
Program Layout ..... Elizabeth Hunter