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Festival@First: Surprise Kisses

Festival@First: Surprise Kisses

Performance Schedule

     Thursday   July 13   8:00 pm     
     Friday   July 14   8:00 pm     
     Saturday   July 15   8:00 pm     
     Sunday   July 16   3:00 pm     
     Thursday   July 20   8:00 pm     
     Friday   July 21   8:00 pm     
     Saturday   July 22   8:00 pm     

The Plays

Your Kiss is On My List by Chris Lockheardt (Andover, MA)
Director: Shayna Ross
Rehearsal Assistant: Amy Lee Bennett
Man  .....  Shay Fitzpatrick
Woman  .....  Kerri Centrella
What if every kiss could be like the first?

Ignorance is Bris by Judy Klass (New York, NY)
Director: Margaret Mays
Rachel  .....  Sharon Chaitin-Pollak
Danny  .....  Daniel Dolinov
Rachel and Danny wrestle with some tricky packages and unwieldy issues.

Brushstroke by John Shanahan (Quincy, MA)
Director: Jason Merrill
Tamara  .....  Renée Johnson
Gaby  .....  Laura Kathleen Crouch
For three weeks artist Tamara Parsons has been one brushstroke away from completing the finest painting she's ever created. So why won't she finish it?

They're Playing Your Song by Meron Langsner (Somerville, MA)
Director: Erika Reinfeld
Rehearsal Assistant: Jo Guthrie
Mike  .....  Brian Toney
Toni  .....  Brashani Reece
André  .....  Matt Major
Mike the boxer gets a lesson from his close friend Toni about the real secret to success in the ring.

The Little Things by Rebekah Lopata (Philadelphia, PA)
Director: David Policar
Patty  .....  Courtney E. Schinke
Heather  .....  Ren LaRosa
Finding a reason to get out of bed in the morning is sometimes the hardest part.

Waiting by John Bolen (Irvine, CA)
Director: Andrea Humez
Desk Clerk  .....  Derek D. Lichter
Old Man  .....  John Olson
Life is full of waiting, the secret is knowing when to stop.

Elephants and Coffee by Aoise Stratford (Ithaca, NY)
Director: Carl Danielson
Assistant Director: Neil Marsh
The Woman  .....  Joye Thaller
The Elephant  .....  Nick Zendzian
Everyone in the wild kingdom needs to escape from the circus once in a while.

Surprise by Mark Harvey Levine (Pasadena, CA)
Director: Mare Freed
Peter  .....  Braddoc DeCaires
Whitney  .....  Dana Frantz
Esther  .....  Kamela Hutzley
Even being psychic doesn't make Peter's personal life any easier, or let him see what's right in front of him.



Festival Director ..... Jude Shabry


Chris DeKalb
Stage Manager ..... Lee Ross
Assistant Stage Manager ..... Julia Lunetta
Technical Director ..... Jo Guthrie
House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Lighting Designer ..... Matt Kimmel
Fight Choreographer ..... Hugh Long
Sound Designer, Sound Board Operator, |
Fight Scene Composer, Webmaster |
..... Neil Marsh
Props Manager ..... Amy Lee Bennett
Light Board Operator ..... Ted Beattie
Makeup Artist |
Photographer |
..... Jennifer Cseh
Graphic Designer ..... Gilly Rosenthol
Playreading Committee ..... Jude Shabry (chair)
Mare Freed
Andrea Humez
Elizabeth Hunter
Alissa Lerman
Erika Reinfeld
Stagehands ..... Becky Dowgiert
Brian Rogalski
Gilly Rosenthol

Photo Gallery

Photos by Jennifer Cseh

Your Kiss is On My List
Kiss-01 Kiss-02


Ignorance is Bris
Bris-01 Bris-03


Brush-02 Brush-01


They're Playing Your Song
Song-02 Song-01


The Little Things
LittleThings-02 LittleThings-03


Waiting-02 Waiting-01


Elephants & Coffee
E&C-01 E&C-02


Surprise-02 Surprise-01