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Festival@First 5: Nothing Serious

Festival@First 5: Nothing Serious

Performance Schedule

Thursday July 31 8:00pm
Friday August 1 8:00pm
Saturday August 2 8:00pm
Sunday August 3 3:00pm (matinee)
Thursday August 7 8:00pm
Friday August 8 8:00pm
Saturday August 9 8:00pm

The Plays

Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson
Directed by Shaunna Francis

An instructor lecturing on the craft of playwriting loses control when fictional characters rebel.

Good Samaritan: Leslie Drescher
The Teacher: Nick Zendzian
The Jumper: Jenny Gutbezahl

Nice Tie
Directed by Matt Ringel

A woman and man envision totally different consequences if she lets him buy her a drink.

Andrew: Andrew Lebrun
Lori: Melanie Arzt

Bride and Gloom
Directed by Matt Ringel

A nervous bride’s fear of divorce prevents her from getting married.

Andrew: Andrew Lebrun
Lori: Melanie Arzt

Last Minute Adjustments
Directed by Mare Freed

Moments before birth, a child has second-thoughts about leaving the womb. But the team getting her ready won’t be stopped!

Protagonist: Jude Shabry
Technician: Brie Frame
Supervisor: Erika Reinfeld
Assistant A: Melissa Ehlers
Assistant B: Brian Rust

Find Me a Primitive Man
Directed by Eve Summer

A man and a woman go on a blind date.

Man: Daniel Dolinov
Woman: Alyssa Osiecki

Off the Map
Directed by Jennifer Cseh

In a very cold place, a penguin helps a lost couple find direction.

Jean: Ilana Plen
Scott: Matt Major
Penguin: Michael Babish

Directed by Nate Gundy

A couple stuck in a long line at Disneyland devise a novel solution to their marital woes.

Jerry: Brian Edgar
Arlene: Gilly Rosenthol

Oh My God, It's Another Play
Directed by Amy Lee Bennett

Dessert for a night of short plays: Complete nonsense about life in the theater.

Director: Andrwe Hicks
Stage Manager/Dramaturg: Katherine Bryant
An Actor: Shaunna Francis
Another Actor: Lisa Scopa
Still Another Actor: Nick Zendzian
And Yet Another Actor: Amy Sonnanstine
Oh My God, It's Another Actor: Bobbi Woodward


Festival Director ..... Andrew Hicks
Producer/House Manager


Chris DeKalb
Stage Manager ..... Shelley MacAskill
Technical Director ..... Jenn Koerber
Sound Designer/Board Op ..... Neil Marsh
Publicity/Ad Sales Coordinator ..... Heidi Clark
Logo & Program Design ..... Gilly Rosenthol