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Tartuffe, by Molière, translated by Chris Campbell

Tartuffe, a falsely pious fraud, cons Orgon into promising his daughter Mariane's hand in marriage, as well as the deed to the family estate. The rest of the family must expose Tartuffe and save the family's home as hijinks ensue. Brighten your winter evenings with a little madcap Molière!


Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville.
Please note that parking is by permit only on William St. General parking is available on College Ave. Please read signs carefully to avoid ticketing.

     To purchase your tickets before the show, visit our online ticketing system at Brown Paper Tickets. Please note that this option has a $1.52 service fee per ticket, and that tickets may not be purchased online the day of a performance. If you would prefer to pay at the door, you can reserve tickets on our Tickets page.


Performance Schedule

Friday   February 24, 2017   8 pm
Saturday   February 25, 2017   2 pm and 8 pm
Thursday   March 2, 2017   8 pm
Friday   March 3, 2017   8 pm
Saturday   March 4, 2017   2 pm



Mrs. Pernelle     Sue Downing
Orgon     Brian Edgar
Elmire     Leslie Drescher
Damis     Santiago Rivas
Mariane     Elizabeth Keith
Valere     Mackenzie Carroll
Cleante     Allan Knowles
Tartuffe     Bob Stachel
Dorine     Erika Hapke
Officer     Adam Schofield-Bodt


The Production Team

Producer       Chris DeKalb
Director       Vickie Wu
Tech Director       Shelley MacAskill
Stage Manager       Katie Aasland
Set Dresser       Shazza Gilbert
Costume Designer       Renée Johnson Walsh
Makeup Designer       Mary Parker
Lighting Designer       Ryan Walsh
Sound Designer       Jaime Matheny
Graphic Designer       Hatem Adell
Publicity Team       Stephanie Haddad