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Top Girls


Top Girls

Caryl Churchill's 20th century classic Top Girls is as acute and funny now as when it debuted in 1982. In the persons of Pope Joan, Patient Griselda, Isabella Bird, Lady Nijo, and Dull Gret, human history converges from across the centuries for a celebratory dinner with Marlene. She left her working-class roots for another life, but none of her choices along the way have been without cost. Her own history defies her attempts to leave it behind - life is messy and complicated and intrudes whether you want it to or not, she finds. And maybe it's not just her. With acerbic dialogue and stiletto-sharp characters, Top Girls will take you for a dizzying ride.



The Davis Square Theatre, Davis Square, Somerville, MA


Performance Schedule

Thursday   January 23   7 pm
Friday   January 24   7 pm
Saturday   January 25   4 pm (matinee)
Wednesday   January 29   7 pm
Thursday   January 30   7 pm
Friday   January 31   7 pm
Saturday   February 1   4 pm (matinee)



Marlene ..... Kathy-Ann Hart
Joyce ..... Leslie Drescher
Angie ..... Vickie Wu
Pope Joan / Win ..... Alexandra Truppi
Patient Griselda / Nell ..... Annie Hochheiser
Dull Gret / Jeanine ..... Natalia Musatova
Lady Nijo / Louise ..... Andrea Aptecker
Isabella Bird / Mrs. Kidd ..... Andrea Humez
Waitress / Kit / Shona ..... Katelynn McFeely


The Production Team

Director ..... Liz Adams
Producer ..... Maren Reisch
Technical Director /
Set Designer


Hilary Caplan
Musical Director /
Asst. Director


Georgia Young
Lighting Designer ..... Maggie Dillier
Stage Manager ..... Heather Tucker
Costume Designer ..... Phoebe Roberts
Graphic Designer ..... Julia Tenney
Publicity ..... Dan McConvey