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Twelfth Night


Twelfth Night

Shipwrecked on the island of Ilyria, the twins Viola and Sebastian find themselves drawn into the romantic dalliances of the island's inhabitants. Loves are lost, found, revenged and tricked. Identities are mistaken, switched and twisted. Filled with music, romance, wit, swordplay and humor, it is no wonder that Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies.


Director: Ari Herbstman trained in theatre at the University of Iowa, in improv at IO (Chicago) and at Improv Boston, and in life at the school of hard knocks. He is excited to engage in his directorial debut with Theatre @ First. He loves bringing to light those little moments of humanity in every character and every scene. His lifelong love of theatre was instilled in him by his parents (another scar).



Unity Somerville, 6 William Street, Somerville, MA


Performance Schedule

Thursday   Sept. 19   8 pm
Friday   Sept. 20   8 pm
Saturday   Sept. 21   2 pm (matinee)
Thursday   Sept. 26   8 pm
Friday   Sept. 27   8 pm
Saturday   Sept. 28   8 pm



Viola/Cesario ..... Angela Bilkic
Sebastian ..... Josh Coleman
Lady Olivia ..... Luisa Badaracco
Maria ..... Karen Fanale
Duke Orsino ..... Brian Keller
Malvolio ..... Brad Smith
Sir Toby Belch ..... Damon Singletary
Sir Andrew Aguecheek ..... Zach McQueary
Feste ..... Michael Glicksman
Fabian ..... Brian Edgar
Antonio ..... Matt Arnold
Valentine ..... Vicky Wu Torpey
Sea Captain ..... Jack Dietz
Police Officer ..... Mare Freed


Production Team

Director ..... Ari Herbstman
Producer ..... Chris DeKalb
Technical Director ..... Nellie Farrington
Assistant Director ..... Kamela Dolinova
Assistant Producer ..... Jared Hite
Stage Manager ..... Maren Reisch
Asst. Stage Manager/
Props Coordinator
..... Brigid Battell
Sound Designer ..... Jennifer Woodward
Lighting Designer ..... Shelley MacAskill
Set Designer ..... Jo Guthrie & M.L. Van Nice
Costume Designer ..... Elizabeth Ryan
Make-Up Designer ..... Zeph Stewart
Make-Up Assistant ..... Nathan Barwell
Fight Choreographer ..... James Hester
Composer ..... Michael Glicksman
Publicity Manager ..... John Deschene